Monday, August 1, 2011

Bear Lake

We just got back from a wonderful weekend with my mom and dad up in Bear Lake. Paul's sister has a cabin and was generous enough to let us stay there. We went to Who shot Juanito Bandito (it was excellent), north beach at Bear Lake, Minnetonka cave, church and lastly what would be a trip to Bear Lake without going to LeBeau's! Well, after we got home and I downloaded my pictures, I noticed that Buster seemed to get a hold of my camera and take some interesting pictures. I will tell you that these are only of a few of the pictures that were on there.

I just love this cute little face!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Winter life

Well, I think I have been real bad this winter about updating by blog. We have managed to stay busy with USU basketball games and snow skiing. I got a new camera for Christmas so I have been playing with it and trying some new things. None of which I am posting, because they need work.
Buster has this fascination with guns. He has me tape a flashlight to the gun at least once a week. So here is a random picture I took while using my new camera.
The boys took swim lessons in January and loved them. I figured that is something they can do in the winter, since summers seems to be so busy. Carter is a great swimmer and passed off level 4 & 5 in one session. He said in level six he wants to take the diving course. He is more brave than I, since I am afraid of heights.
The boys also begged to take karate. I LOVE the original Karate Kid movie, and often find myself quoting it on random occasions. Anyway, last Friday the sparred (fought) for the first time. Carter got kicked in the stomach and Buster came away victorious.
I couldn't stop laughing while Buster was fighting, because he was dancing around like he had fought for years. Actually he has fought for years, just with his older brother. When I signed them up for karate, it told Paul that they are now just going to learn to fight correctly.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Not to sound conceited..

I don't want to sound conceited, but how could we not get better looking with age? Heaven help us! You know, I always have blamed my mom for all of my bad perms, hair do's, outfits.... Well now that I have kids of my own, I understand. There is no way I am going to take the blame when my kids look at their pictures 20 years from now and say "Why did you let me wear that" or "Look at my hair". Mom always used to say there are only two things she can do for us and hope that it is enough to get us all married off. Well, she paid for contacts and braces, then the rest was up to us :)

Why did we take our first day of school pictures with cats? I think my sister Tonya is wearing a banana clip.
If my memory serves me correctly, I think we were trying to look like idiots.
I'm speechless...
Again, speechless.....
My brother looks like he has a dead cat on his head.
I just can't wait to look back at my kids pictures and laugh!!! I just need to remember to take them more often.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Things that make you go hmmmmm....

Well, today was my first SEP (student, educator, parent) conference with Buster. It was fun to visit his classroom and have him show me all the things that he enjoys about school. He things his teacher, Mrs. Roghaar, has the prettiest name ever! When we started the SEP his teacher said that Buster was great at making new friends and that he always had something to share. That is no surprise, because he loves to talk. Anyway, she asked him who his friends were. He said a few names of kids in his class and then came the name of a boy in his class that was very interesting. His friends name was Breaker! Now what do you get when you have two 5 year old boys named Buster and Breaker?? Things that make you go hmmmm.......

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Look alike...

What do you do when you babysit your little sisters child for a couple of hours? Let me add that it was in the evening and he took a bath at our house. He was all nice and clean and in his little PJ's. I was looking at his hair and had an idea! Do you notice a similarity?

I think Grant is cuter than Alfalfa :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Is summer break already gone??

WOW, did summer break go by fast? I wanted this summer to be fun so I tried to plan quite a few activities. We started off with a bang and headed to St. George for Utah Summer Games. Carter's team didn't win a game, but we enjoyed Cedar City and St. George. He participated in another tournament call Cache Valley Cup, his team placed 2nd, which was great! Carter and Caleb took swim lessons, which they loved! We went down to Seven Peaks and that was great fun also. Denise and I ventured out into a couple of fun rides, and who doesn't love the wave pool! Carter went to scout day camp at Camp Fife. He rode a zip line and thought it was AWESOME! Carter went to Stew Morrill basketball camp and decided that basketball isn't his favorite sport :( Last but not least we headed to the Oregon Coast the first week of August. It was great fun and I would love to go back again. It was a few too many hours in a car with a bunch of kids, but which family vacation isn't??? The best thing about the Florence, OR vacation was our meals. We at 14 people, 9 adults and 5 kids. Our rental house had a nice big kitchen so we decided to cook all of our meals rather than eating out. We fed 14 people for 8 meals for a total of $16 per person!! Isn't that awesome??? I forget to take pictures, but here are some of them.

We went crabbing, we didn't catch anything we could keep and it was really cold!
This sand dune tour was AWESOME, I would do it again in a second!
Doesn't this picture spell TROUBLE???
The disfunctional family!!!

Carter and his awesome kicking skills.

Tomorrow, is a big day! I need to mentally plan to send my baby to kindergarten. I know, this is weird.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

If you play with the big boys....

We live in a wonderful neighborhood where none of the kids suffer from childhood obesity. Kids are regularly playing outside whether it is in one of the many kiddy pools, playing football, soccer or lacrosse or maybe jumping on the trampoline. Buster is one of the younger boys and he wants to play with the big boys and they are always nice enough to let him join in. Well, one day they were playing a little rough and so Buster took matter into his own hands.